Tomorrow is Halloween, for witches it’s Samhain. There’s tons out there about Samhain, so I will just comment on my own interpretation.

Samhain is when the year dies and the dead pass on to the next world, whatever that may be. It’s when we say goodbye to everything that has passed. That this is a turbulent Election year is only the tip of the iceberg of what has been an exhausting and disheartening year.

I find myself overwhelmed by the deaths this year, unable to write my list and focus on the individuals that have gone. The losses have been more profound. We’ve passed a tipping point in climate change and are well advanced into oligarchy. While we have made great scientific advances and marriage equity is the law of the land, women and minorities are still targets of the disgruntled white male.

This is the time to let go of what has died. We need to let go of the bootstraps mentality that worked for us when we had a frontier, it’s not working. Rugged individuality has become a curse in an America of the internet. When the ship is foundering, we work together to right it. Otherwise, our fate will be like the victims of the raft of the Medusa.éduse_(1810)




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