Thor Ragnarok/Infinity War scene I want to see (spoilers)

Spoilers for Thor Ragnarok.






Ok. BLABLAHBLAHBLAHBLAh, making content to hide spoilers blablablablabla



Scene I want to see when the Asgardian refugees show up on Earth.

Random Avenger: Thor! What happened to your eye?

Thor: Gone

RA: Where is Mjolnir?

Thor: Gone

Ra: Where is Odin?

Thor: Gone.

RA: Why are you in a space Ark with the population of Asgard not to mention Loki, Hulk and the last Valkyrie in tow with Thanos hot on your heels??

Thor: Asgard is gone.

RA: who did this!?

Thor: My sister.

Loki: I’m adopted!

Ok maybe it’s just me.


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