Marching is only the Beginning

I was so excited to see so many people marching today against Trump. I myself was not marching for health reasons, but I am also very aware that as satisfying as marching is it’s not the end goal. It’s the beginning of a much larger struggle that has been an underlying part of my entire life. I am blessed to come from a family where activism is part of who we are. As such, we know it’s not just about marching. It’s really about being the change.

Already the Trumpies are tripping over themselves to downplay what has been accomplished. They’ve latched onto reports of violence, openly referring to events from months ago as if they happened at the Marches. They have no shame in doing this and in some cases being simply childish and mean. And worse. One of my friends has been threatened with violence.

Most of the Trumpies are just afraid and some revert to a more childish state. A lot are still on about Hillary, which, see my earlier post. Some of them have guns.

But they are correct on one level: Trump is the President. They tell us we are snowflakes. They do not know the power of snowflakes. One alone melts and becomes water. Many become snow and give us spring melt water that fills reservoirs. But many committed snowflakes create glaciers and glaciers can grind the greatest mountains into piles of rubble.

The struggle does not stop. Ever. Even when things are working for us, we can’t get complacent like we did in the last Election. We must keep the pressure on, not let the attempts to normalize Trumpness seep into our collective mindset. And we must keep our minds aware that Trump, for all his buffoonary is just the puppet for forces far more dangerous. Pence is waiting in the wings and he is not a buffoon.

There are calls already for a March on April 15. Before then, we need to keep up the pressure. We’ve already prevented a fast track for Betsy Devos, we can keep Trump and Congress tied up until the Midterms. In a way we should thank Congress for teaching us the fine art of Obstructionism.

As great as it was to see so many women together, we can’t be the White Women Revolution. Get ready to embrace intersectionalism. We have sisters of color, the disabled, working class men and women, men of color, the LGBT etc. community, Native Americans, Veterans, religious minorities etc. Built in allies, but we need to open our arms to them. Pink hats are the shit,  but we need to build bigger. We are the demographic wave the Right fears, but we need to be a fucking WAVE.

Whenever you are in sacred space, and the marches were just that, it can be hard to come back to the real world. Talk to each other, stay strong together. We shall overcome.